Lynmouth Sailing Club

Promoting and Preserving the Pursuit of Maritime Activities, Skills, History and Community along the Exmoor Coast’.

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Anthony Glover – LSC Secretary

The Harbour, Lynmouth, EX35 6EL

GDPR and all that palaver…

We have been immensely lucky to have Jacquie Dove on board this year, Jacquie is ridiculously organised and very persuasive and somehow she has managed to get the Club completely up to date with all things such as GDPR.

You can find links to our documentation below:

Sign of the times

2019 saw the passing of one of Lynmouths Mariners, Edward Nightingale*, as many of you know Edward was a keen observer of all things going on in the Bristol Channel and reported regularly in the Lyn Valley News on such matters. Edward also maintained a notice board in Lynmouth Flood Hall showing details of regularly passing ships etc. This board has been in disuse for some time now and with kind permission of the Lynmouth Flood Hall committee we have taken this on as our Club Noticeboard.

Heidi Baker ( ) has done a cracking job of making the board and it is now up and in use.

*Find out more about Edward Nightingale here:

Regatta Line Up

Here we go folks, the line up for Lynmouth Regatta and Maritime Festival 2019, lots to see and do. Get your best nautical attire on and head to Lynmouth for boaty capers and shanties.

If you are a business owner locally we’d be terribly grateful if you could share the posters below with your guests or customers via welcome packs or as a displayed poster.

Arrival of Our New Rowing Boats

13th April 2019 saw the arrival of our new Rowing boats. These mini-Gig Boats were built by Skur Boats and will hopefully lead to us having a full size Gig in the future. In the meantime we can all become more competent rowers and fitter, hopefully a slightly formal local racing league will get going.

Our first sea trials saw club rowers from 18-71 years of age trying out the boats under safe supervision by members of Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club and the watchful eye of the Crew of Severn Seeker safety boat on loan from KML (as was all the safety kit until we can afford our own, thanks again KML).

Our next tester sessions are 19th and 20th April, everyone welcome, come and have a go, muster at 1830hrs at The Dinghy Park in Lynmouth.


A few photos of our Sailing antics


As a club we actively support Rowing as a pastime and sport. In early 2019 we will take delivery of 2 brand new skiffs built for us by Skur Boats, you can follow their progress on Skurs website here – .

We are extremely excited to see them on the water in Lynmouth this spring. We will be holding a ‘Christening’ for them as is traditional, this will be held with the usual Lynmouth Sailing Club flare and will involve much canon firing and shanty singing.

Our Secretary Anthony Glover and Local Rowing Legend Farmer Stanbury rowing Anthonys Admiralty Gig, one of the last surviving!
Pete Mold Sculling Red Herring, a Beer Lugger owned by Club Treasurer Will Bowden

Regatta and Maritime Festival 2019

This years Regatta and Maritime Festival will be held over 3 days, 13-15th June 2019. We will be holding races and entertainment every evening with a full day of nautical capers on Saturday 15th. More details to come as they are confirmed.

You can see some of our previous Regatta capers on our FACEBOOK Page here:

Regatta and Martime Festival 2018 photos below:

More Regatta Capers on Youtube!

We may lack talent but we’ve more than our fair quota of enthusiasm
The Seagull Race!
Toot toot!
The Lynmouth Buoys
General Boaty Capers

Beach Bonfire Bonanza

In November each year we hold an evening of Fireworks and Capers to celebrate Bonfire Night. A huge warming Bonfire is the centrepoint for an evening of fireworks, music, dancing and miscellaneous capers.

Look out for our Crowdfunding campaign in the Autumn via Social Media.

Events List 2019

Not everything we do will appear here, just our main organised Events for the year and anything else we remember to post.

19th and 20th April – Try out the new Rowing Boats 18.30hrs at The Dinghy Park, all welcome

13-15th June – Regatta and Maritime Festival – The Harbour Lynmouth

14th July – Raft Race – Lynmouth – 1600hrs

2nd November – Our Grand Conker Tournament at The Ancient Mariner Lynmouth

5th November – Bonfire Night – a small informal affair on Blacklands Beach from 1800hrs

6th December AGM – The Ancient Mariner Lynmouth from 1800hrs

Guy Fawkes took a trip to The Sandridge Buoy in November